What She Said

I just ran across an interview by Caroline Casey, visionary activist astrologer, with The Washington Post. She has got to be one of the most articulate people on the planet, and I identify with her efforts to communicate a mystical sensibility in the context of secular science. She drops finely honed gems of wisdom like, I don’t know, a diamond thief on the run. A couple of amazing excerpts from the above interview:

About being asked to give a blessing at a prominent international water conference:
“At the heart of all great cultures is the heroic task of restoring the waters of life.”

On religion:
“The divine wants to be liberated from past confines of human imagination.”

On religion and science:
“Once they said there’s meaning in patterns, the argument is over between physics and metaphysics and the idea is that then they could have a child, reverent science, as though life mattered.”



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