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Gulf Coast Gothic

I just finished reading Duma Key by Stephen King, mostly in one obsessed Saturday. It was good. I’d have to call the genre “Gulf Coast Gothic,” and the setting is reminiscent of Candles Burning, by Tabitha King, a revision of someone else’s not-quite-finished novel.

It reminded me of reading The Shining, probably in high school, down at my aunt’s house in Beaumont, Texas. She said it was one of the scariest books she’d ever read, and I should give it a try. Another year I read The Stand at my grandmother’s house, also in southeast Texas, mostly curled up in a big red chair for a few immobile days. I should reread The Stand, which to this day I recall as a great read, to see 1) whether King has changed over the years and 2) whether I have changed over the years.

King also has interesting Nebraska threads running through his work. It’s where one of the lead good guys is from in Duma Key. In The Stand, I believe it’s where the forces of good rally. The baddies are from Vegas.


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